Bomb/shooting scare!

I went home a few weeks ago to visit my family for the first time since new years. I was expecting everything to be great, never thought the week would end the way it did. A friend and I decided to go visit our old high school to catch up with our favorite teachers. Half way through our visit an announcment was made that the high school was temporarily under lock down. No one could enter or leave the building or any room in the building. Later that day we found out that there was a bomb threat that had come through earlier that day which was thought to be just to get a reaction out of people. That afternoon there were strange looking packages found in the building and yet another threat. A few days after that there was a call placed to the school by someone who turned out to be a student, saying he was going to come into school that day and shoot everyone. Neither one of the events fell through thank god. The scariest part about it for me was my two little sisters were in the bulding along with a few cousins. Things like this really make you think and appreciate your life.

I feel like this school year just got started. If you had asked me a couple of months ago I would have said that it felt like this year was taking forever and that I couldn't wait for it to be over. A lot has changed in my life over the past month or so and, it has all been for the best! For the first time in a while I am experiencing going out with friends, enjoying my classes, and actually really enjoying being here in New Hampshire at school (which I never thought I would feel). Not that I don't like it here but, I have never made any kind of effort to go out and make friends until now! The people here at PSU are awesome and I wish I didn't wait until my junior year to find that out. I have no regrets though, I am living today and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

The weather is getting warmer, the ground is drying up, and all the wild animals are coming out. I have notice the fire warning level signs outside all of the fire departments have gone from low to high within a week. I asked a friend about it because where I am from we don't have those and she said it was mainly because people will start to burn brush and because of the nice dry weather there is a high possiblity of forest fires. I was also talking to a women I work with the other day about the wild animals that start to come out around this time of year. She started telling me about fisher cats, which I have never heard of before and I know I never want to see. She was saying how small they are but also how powerful they are (they can take down a full size moose?).  Scary to think there is a possibility of running into one of those at night!

So there are people everywhere with iPods. I just got my first one not that long ago (about a month) and it broke for the first time today. I started by calling a few friends to see if they knew how to fix the problem expecting for at-least one of them to have said "oh yea that's happened to me".....but no, not one had a clue. I was able to call customer service and to my surprise I didn't have to wait on hold for half hour for the next available rep., I was transfered through right away. After being on the phone with the rep. for less than fifteen minutes my iPod was up and running again. I have come to the conclusion that Apple stands well behind their product and even though I had a problem early on I would recommend their product to anyone.

Spring Fling

So, I missed out on Spring Fling last year and I didn't really feel like I missed out on much. Again, this year I am working every night of the big event everyone is talking about. I have decided that I am going to go after work anyway and see what all the talk is about.  I have heard that it is the most fun I will have on this campus, it is worth going to if I have the opportunity. There are tons of activities and a great band playing, sounds like fun to me! I bought my ticket yesterday around noon time and was shocked to learn that in two hours they had already sold over 500 tickets. To me, that confirmed this event must be a great time.

Ready for Summer??

Every-time I get ready for summer it starts snowing again. I can't wait to be laying on the beach on a nice sunny day....with no snow! In early April there were a few days where tops of cars were down, bathing suites were on, and BBQ's were going on every where. Everyone was ready for some warm weather, the beach....mother nature had other plans. A few days later we got a foot of snow....and another foot a week later! Now the weather is great again and I am just waiting for some more snow.

Death is a scary thing. There has been so much of it lately.  The Virginia tech. massacre has saddened so many people, everyone has been effected by it.  I can only imagine what the students and families there are going through. I don't understand what drives some people to do things like that? I wonder what goes through their head during that final decision time. Well, anyway, I hope the best for all the families, friends, and students at VT everyone there are in my thoughts and prayers.

So, in one of my classes the other day we learned that Wal-Mart wants to become their own bank?? WHAT, ARE YOU KIDDING?? Yup, that was my first reaction.  Sure it might work for some people but, I'm not so sure about that! Wal-Mart is so huge that they would shut down many banks in all of their surrounding areas (which would be everywhere). Don't you think? Plus, if Wally World had it's own bank, all that money would be in a different circulation. I think it would mess a lot of things up.  Also, I think their would be a heightened risk level that would come along with the Wal-Mart bank. Wal-Mart is known for it's low affordable prices and might be more appealing to those that wouldn't be able to pay back loans in return causing higher interest rates for everyone else. I could be completely wrong, what do you think? 

So, the other day in one of my classes, it was brought to my attention that some people believe that celebs may be able to fake their death only to escape from the spot light.  One student brought up that Anna Nicole Smith may have been one of those celebs to fake a death in the sense that all we saw was a body bag, we never see her.  The student agrued that anyone could have been inside that body bag.  I disagreed with the statement and think that it would be impossible for someone of fame to fake a death. How would they be able to escape all their fans and journalists? I think eventually someone would discover their existance.  What do you think?Anna Nicole

About me...

Hi, my name is Ali. I am from the Cape but, attend school in New Hampshire. Yup, that's right, I get the best of both worlds (well I think so anyway).  I get the sun and sand during the summers and the snow and mountains during the winters.  I have many hobbies; collecting sea glass, playing softball, driving on the beaches, snowboarding (well I try anyway), and riding horses...just to name a few.  I have a puppy named Bentley and a white fluffy kitty named Keiko, I love animals! Growing up my family constantly had a farm full of animals, at one time we had; 2 pigs (which we still have), 3 labs, 12 kittens and 2 mama cats, 4 horses, a turtle, a bunny, and many many fish.  Well, it's about that time to get heading to my next class!